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Toddler Program

Our toddler program serves children from 18 to 36 months. For many children, a toddler program is the first experience children have away from their parents. In working with toddlers, we have come to understand that there are many adventures and possibilities for learning and growing together. It is our goal to provide a nurturing, stimulating, and supportive environment in which they can do this.

Our teachers facilitate a range of interesting and hands-on experiences that assist in our toddlers’ social, physical, and cognitive development. The toddler classrooms are designed to provide stimulating experiences for the children where they can learn through their own inquisitiveness. The emphasis during the toddler years is on building self-confidence and developing the natural curiosity that toddlers possess. Throughout the day, toddlers enjoy the large variety of play materials that are readily made available to them, as well as creative centers where children can dress-up, build with blocks, and experiment with the sensory table. Art, music, language, and science activities geared to little hands are also introduced. Our teachers offer the tenderness, warmth, and patience so essential to this young age. Children feel comfortable in our toddler class settings when their parents leave. Deep respect for each child ensures that your toddler will truly love his or her school environment and, from that, develop a long lasting love for learning.

Preschool Programs

Our preschool programs focuses on each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development by offering experiential, hands-on activities for the child to explore. The preschool curriculum is designed to actively engage each child in developmentally age appropriate activities. Our preschool room arrangement creates the optimum learning environment for young children. It allows children easy access to educational toys, materials and books, enabling them to initiate and expand their learning. Each classroom is organized with areas for block play, manipulative toys, art creativity, dramatic play, and reading in addition to larger spaces for group activities.

Difference is explored and celebrated and not feared or hidden in our programs. We spend a lot of time in communication with children about whom and what is important in their world around them, understanding that social and emotional development are critical at this stage of life. These programs prepare children socially and academically, as well as, supports and encourages the development of independence, responsibility, and confidence, all of which are essential for the child’s ongoing success in primary.

School Age Program

Our before and after-school program hours allow parents the convenience and peace of mind to get to work on time and with minimum stress on school PD days and snow days. The school buses pick up and drop the children off right at our driveway. School age children will get to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences including environmental science, gardening activities, daily outdoor play, cooking, art and so much more.